Wholestic Counseling Services

Counseling Services


Services and supports are designed to provide meaningful assistance to the individual and/or families in acquiring and maintaining physical, mental, and social skills to enable the individual or the family to function most effectively with the demands of his or her own person or the family.


Types of Counseling Services Offered


Diagnostic Evaluation and Assessment

Evaluation and assessment is an intensive clinical and functional evaluation of a Consumer, the family and strengths and needs. The initial assessment will include screening to determine the priority of needs to be addressed, determine level of service, identify any co-occurring disorders, and assess other issues.


Crisis Intervention

Crisis is a face-to-face or telephone immediate response to a situation. If a true emergency crisis is occurring a consumer would be referred to appropriate resource such as crisis center, hospital emergency room, or police. Consumers involved in a crisis and will be provided with consist and immediate response to evaluate and screen the present situation, assist immediate stabilization and resolution. Ensure the Consumer's access to care at the appropriate level. Services will focus on de-escalating behaviors that are threatening the disruption of daily living patterns.  Each crisis/emergency responses will offer consultation, locate additional services and resources and provide written and oral information to assist the Consumer in obtaining follow-up services. 

Individual Psychotherapy
Individual Psychotherapy is individual face-to-face treatments to identify symptoms and behavioral disturbances. They will assist with the development, provide restoration or enhancement of adaptive behavior; and enhance or assist in the maintenance of daily emotional functioning. This service is insight oriented utilizing definitive therapeutic communications to provide therapeutic change. The process is goal-oriented to relieve and stabilize symptoms.


Interactive Psychotherapy
Interactive Psychotherapy is designed to promote the same objectives as Individual Psychotherapy but is generally furnished to children. However, adults may meet criteria. Interactive Psychotherapy involves the use of physical aids to overcome nonverbal communications or to overcome barriers for consumers who have not yet developed or who have lost expressive language skills.

Family Psychotherapy 
Family Psychotherapy is a face-to-face psychotherapeutic interaction with  family members, guardians, and/or other support systems. Family counseling allows services with or without identified Consumer present. This service is insight oriented utilizing family systems techniques.
Group Psychotherapy
Group Psychotherapy is a specific modality utilized to increase likelihood of successful treatment for specific issue. Group Psychotherapy will consist of a minimum of two (2) non related individuals for adults or children. Group Psychotherapy is limited to a total of eight (8) adult individuals and six (6) under the age of 18, per group. Groups will only form with required number of referrals.


Case Management
Case management is an essential element during the recovery process, which enhances the consumer's potential for successful recovery. Case Management as a service modality is goal-oriented and individualized to support focusing on self-sufficiency for the persons served through the assessment process, planning, linkage, advocacy, coordination, and monitoring activities that include the strengths, needs, abilities and preferences of persons served.  Linkage, referrals and advocacy will be provided as needed to ensure services are being provided as they are identified.  This is a short term service.