Wholestic Counseling Services

What to Expect

Psychotherapy is a process in which a trained professional enters a relationship with a patient for the purpose of helping the patient with symptoms of mental illness, behavioral problems or personal growth. The process involves the patient and therapist sitting in a room talking, which is why it is often called "talk therapy".


Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy. Through family therapy, families or individuals within a family learn better ways to interact with each other and resolve conflicts. If your family is feeling torn apart or experiencing disruptions, family therapy may help you heal.


Family therapy is often short term. Family therapy may include all family members or just those most able to participate. The specific treatment will depend on your family's situation.

When many of us go into therapy we do so in the hope of getting some quick release from the distress that we are experiencing at the time. We are very aware that therapy is costing you a lot in terms of time, money, and energy, and understandably you want to see some immediate results, especially when you are in emotional pain. No therapist, however, has a magic wand to instantly take away your pain, nor do they have a crystal ball and are able to know your exact needs without you saying. Therapy is not like a doctor that can set a broken leg, therapy takes time to heal the mind.